Investment Strategies

On the basis of managing family assets, Xuan Ding Assets has been committed to providing comprehensive wealth management services for ultra-high net worth customers, financial institutions, etc., and providing tailor-made solutions according to the specific conditions of customers, which is realized through a combination of discretionary investment management and FOF investment.

Propriety  lnvestment

■ Investment Strategy

Under the premise of controllable risks, conduct multiple high-frequency rolling transactions in small amounts to earn intraday fluctuations in prices.

• Time controllable: The holding time is very short, computed in seconds. No position is to be held overnight.

• High success rate: The average success rate is above 70%, and the drawdown is controllable.

• Decentralized trading: transaction for each stock is divided into multiple transactions to disperse the risks.


■ Xuan Ding’s Advantages

Focusing on high-frequency trading and arbitrage strategies, pursuing high Sharpe Ratio and low drawdown.

• A nationally competitive propriety trading team with asset under management of over 2 billion RMB.

• Mature trading strategies and profit generating mechanisms to achieve steady profitability.

• Complete transaction team management system, implementing three-level management.

• Independently developed multifunctional trading system capable of responding instantly to the market and realizing flexible management.


FOF Investment

 ■ Investment strategies

Deeply comprehending the problems and major concerns of domestic FOF investors and forming a unique investing strategy.

 Focus on the Delicate

• Focusing on small and medium-sized private equity that is in rapid growth under 1.5 billion RMB.

• Focusing on the outstanding candidates in each strategic segment and avoiding large and comprehensive private equities.

Flexible Choice of Runways

• Keeping up with market changes and carrying out proactive strategic configuration.

• Look for more suitable better-performing runways from time to time.

Comprehensive understanding of investment advisors

• Conducting comprehensive survey on investment advisors to avoid moral hazard.

• Utilizing various resources to fully bind and cooperate with outstanding investment advisors.

■ Xuan Ding’s advantages

With more than ten years of experience in investment,relying on rich industry resources and other advantages,in the pursuit of maintaining and increasing the value of assets.

• Long-term deep cultivation in the quantitative field, with abundant resources of investment advisors;

• Having more than ten years of experience in investment and a deep understanding of most strategies in the market;

• A powerful propriety investment team providing intellectual support for screening investment advisors;

• Strong R&D capabilities, active ex ante management;

• Complete FOF investment process, realizing scientific management;

• Multi-channel and multi-method due diligence  on investment advisors, to obtain more realistic pictures of team;

• Providing value-added services such as trading system access to achieve a win-win situation.