Company Profile


Shanghai Xuan Ding Asset Management Co., Ltd. was established in September 2014 as a manager of private equity investment funds registered with the Asset Management Association of China. The company has long been focusing on secondary market investment, and under the guidance of advanced quantitative investment concepts, it has established a fleet comprising excellent investment researchers and traders with rich experience in asset management, ensuring long-term stable returns for investors.


 ■ Investment philosophy    

Xuan Ding Assets is deeply engaged in the field of quantitative investment. Committed to the excellence in craftsmanship, Xuan Ding integrates advanced investment concepts with the status quo of the Chinese financial market.  Xuan Ding has developed diversified quantitive investing strategies through statistical analysis of market data and scientific mathematical modeling. A scientific evaluation system and a procedural and quantitative hedging transaction mode are adopted, achieving an excellent performance.


 ■ Investment Research Fleet    

The Xuan Ding Assets’ investment research fleet has many years of experience in investment survey and asset management, with a deep understanding of the financial market. The backbone members graduated from prestigious domestic and foreign universities, with over ten years of experience in investment, and have worked in many well-known financial institutions at home and abroad. They are familiar with various types of secondary market transactions such as stocks, options, futures, and are excellent in the R&D of investment strategies. In the long-term practice, they have managed to establish a unique trading style and theoretical system.

In terms of the management over the transaction team, after continuous exploration, Xuan Ding Assets has formed a three-level management system of strict preliminary screening, five-star evaluation, and elimination of the worst performer. It adopts a comprehensive and all-around evaluation system that covers the factors such as personality, skills, professional knowledge, and performance indicators, etc., striving to create a learning organization that ensures the company’s constant growth to keep pace with the times so as to serve the clients who trust it.


 ■ Proprietary Businesses    

Xuan Ding Assets has a competitive proprietary trading team with more than one hundred traders, who are not only familiar with the environments suitable for various strategies but also capable of effectively responding to a large number of sources of securities, so as to adjust its strategic configuration in time according to market changes, and conduct proactive management beforehand.

Xuan Ding has independently developed an asset management trading system with intraday trading as the core and functions such as asset management, risk control, and simulation training, capable of achieving high-speed market response, strict multi-polar risk control, and flexible account management. Under the premise of controllable risks, intraday trading carries out multiple high-frequency rolling transactions in small positions to earn intraday fluctuation spreads, which accumulate into considerable steady earnings. 

 ■ FOF Investment      

Xuan Ding Assets adheres to the delicate FOF investment philosophy, focuses on small and medium private equity in high-speed growth, and selects the best in segments. Meanwhile, relying on years of experience in the quantitative field, abundant human resource and practice, Xuan Ding is capable of locating the emerging investment advisors soonest, and conducts an all-around due diligence on them. By utilizing the company's various resources, Xuan Ding deeply cooperates with these advisors so as to seize investment opportunities precisely and avoid moral hazards.

Xuan Ding Assets believes that only by choosing the right runways can investors achieve twice the result with half efforts. With the continuous changes in the market, the company has made proactive strategic allocations, seeking and timely switching to strategies with better performance.





 ■ Qi Lin Investment Supervisor    

Master of Shanghai Jiaotong University

Engaged in securities trading since 2006, focusing on the research and practice of short-term strategies for stocks, warrants, and foreign exchange, establishing a unique trading style and theoretical system through long-term practice, with abundant trading experience, especially excellent in investment strategy development. Used to act as the investment director of Fujian Great World Group, the chairman of Fujian Chuangzhi Wealth Financial Services Co., Ltd., the chairman of Fujian Kaixiang Pawn Co., Ltd., and the chairman of Chuangzhi Capital.


 ■ Cui Tao      Investment Supervisor    

Bachelor of Mathematics from Peking University, Master of Financial Mathematics from Georgia Institute of Technology

15 years of experience in securities, successively acted as quantitative analyst of American hedge fund Paloma Partner, vice president of department of financial derivatives of Fortis Bank (New York), CEO and fund manager of quantitative investment department of GT Fund. Long-term investment researcher manager in well-known financial institutions in the United States, with abundant investment strategies in stocks, options, futures, etc., excelling at using quantitative tools for R&D of investment strategies, responsible for overseas investment and quantitative investment after returning to China, familiar with the domestic market, and assisted Shanghai Stock Exchange and CICC to develop a variety of innovative financial products as a consultant.

In 2016, Mr. Cui Tao was named the Top 50 Private Equity Securities Investment Manager of New Fortune China and the best private equity investment manager for one year in stock quantification.